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By: P. Gunnar, M.B.A., M.B.B.S., M.H.S.

Assistant Professor, Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine

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Bronfenbrenner recognized that human interaction is influenced by 21 larger social forces and that an understanding of these forces is essential for understanding an individual hypertension patient teaching cheap 2 mg coumadin with mastercard. The input of those is modified by the cognitive and biological state of the individual as well arteria 70 generic coumadin 2mg with mastercard. This relates to blood pressure medication grapefruit juice cheap 5mg coumadin amex the different generational time periods previously discussed hypertension medication guidelines cheap coumadin 2 mg overnight delivery, such as the baby boomers and millennials. Taking into consideration all the different influences makes it difficult to research and determine the impact of all the different variables (Dixon, 2003). Consequently, psychologists have not fully adopted this approach, although they recognize the importance of the ecology of the individual. Explain research involving time spans Explain ways to conduct ethical research An important part of learning any science, including psychology, is having a basic knowledge of the techniques used in gathering information. The hallmark of scientific investigation is that of following a set of procedures designed to keep questioning or skepticism alive while describing, explaining, or testing any phenomenon. Science involves continuously renewing our understanding of the subjects in question and an ongoing investigation of how and why events occur. The scientific method is the set of assumptions, rules, and procedures scientists use to conduct research. A research design is the specific method a researcher uses to collect, analyze, and interpret data. Descriptive research is research that describes what is occurring at a particular point in time. Experimental research is research in which a researcher manipulates one or more variables to see their effects. Each of the three research designs varies according to its strengths and limitations. Descriptive Research Case Study: Sometimes the data in a descriptive research project are based on only a small set of individuals, often only one person or a single small group. More frequently, case studies are conducted on individuals who have unusual or abnormal experiences. Case studies have a distinct disadvantage in that, although it allows us to get an idea of what is currently happening, it is usually limited to static pictures. Although descriptions of particular experiences may be interesting, they are not always transferable to other individuals in similar situations. They are also time consuming and expensive as many professionals are involved in gathering the information. For instance, a developmental psychologist might watch children on a playground and 24 describe what they say to each other. However, naturalistic observations do not allow the researcher to have any control over the environment. Laboratory observation, unlike the naturalistic observation, is conducted in a setting created by the researcher. One example of laboratory observation involves a systematic procedure known as the strange situation test, which you will learn about in chapter three. Concerns regarding laboratory observations are that the participants are aware that they are being watched, and there is no guarantee that the behavior demonstrated in the laboratory will generalize to the real world.

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It is important to arteria vesicalis inferior buy 5mg coumadin with visa ensure that traditional birth attendants and midwives are trained in good menstrual hygiene practice arteria x veia proven coumadin 2 mg, for the time of birth is also an opportunity for girls and women to hypertension renal disease cheap 5 mg coumadin overnight delivery learn about good practices in menstrual hygiene blood pressure chart video 2 mg coumadin with visa. Female genital mutilation/cutting and menstrual hygiene5 Female genital mutilation/cutting comprises all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia, or other injury to the female genital organs, for non-medical purposes. Long-term consequences are more likely to occur with the more severe types (2 and 3). These include cysts and abscesses on the vulva and recurrent urinary tract infections which can damage the kidneys. Painful menstruation and accumulation of menstrual blood in the vagina can occur as a result of total or partial occlusion of the vaginal opening. Women who have undergone female genital mutilation/cutting are significantly more likely to require caesarean section, a procedure not available to most rural women. This is because the survey revealed that circumcised girls experience longer and more painful periods than uncircumcised ones, contributing to absenteeism despite the interventions. A number of treatment options can be considered, but their effectiveness will depend on the underlying cause of the seizures8. Qunit E H (2008) Menstrual issues in adolescents with physical and developmental disabilities, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, no 1,135, pp 230-6. Smith C (2009) A period in custody: Menstruation and the imprisoned body, Internet Journal of Criminology. Southern Sudan Prisons Service (2009) Southern Sudan prisons service bulletin, Issue 5. House S (2011) Practical approaches to inclusion of vulnerable or marginalised groups. Jones H and Reed R (2005) Water and sanitation for disabled people and other vulnerable groups; Designing services to improve accessibility. World Health Organisation (2000) A systematic review of the health complications of female genital mutilation including sequelae in childbirth. Handout for water, sanitation and hygiene emergency training, Tanzania; and: Jones H and Reed R (2005) Water and sanitation for disabled people and other vulnerable groups; Designing services to improve accessibility. Personal communication; Ethicon (no date) Stress urinary incontinence in women; What you can do about it; Workplaces have a supply of sanitary protection materials for girls who face a menstrual hygiene emergency. Workplaces have accessible, well-maintained and gendersegregated water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, providing a private and hygienic environment for female employees to manage their menstruation. Workplaces and other public places have a discrete disposal mechanism for sanitary protection materials. Module 1 Module 8 2 Module 3 Module 8 3 Module 8 Toolkit 3 Toolkit 5 4 Module 3 Module 8 Toolkit 3 5 Commercial inspectors are trained in menstrual hygiene and it is integrated into their standard inspection regimes.

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Piped water is available in 23 percent of schools and 10 percent use protected wells blood pressure medication extreme tiredness order coumadin 1 mg fast delivery. Some schools have more than one water source (Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education arteria lusoria definition discount 1mg coumadin visa, 2014) blood pressure medication and lemon juice buy generic coumadin. All these water sources will be affected by the frequency of extreme weather events blood pressure medication starting with c discount coumadin 5 mg with mastercard, for example by drying up as a result of climate change or being contaminated when there are floods. With regard to sanitation, the target pupil to toilet ratio for girls is 1:20 and for boys is 1:25 (Ministry of Education, Sports, Arts and Culture, 2013a). The primary school learner-toilet ratio for girls improved steadily from 1:26 in 2000 to 1:22 in 2014, which is slightly above the target level. The situation is even better for the secondary school level, with the learner-toilet ratios for both boys Figure 6. The ratio for girls improved from 1:19 in 2000 to 1:18 in 2014, while that for boys improved from 1:22 to 1:18 over the same period. Impacts of Climate Change on Education Climate change directly affects the delivery of educational services by increasing the occurrence of extreme weather events that disrupt the delivery of educational services. It also has negative impacts upon educational outcomes indirectly through the effects of these extreme weather events on variables that affect the capacity of school children to learn. Destruction of infrastructure: school buildings, roads and bridges and homes Floods Heavy precipitation Reduced access to sanitation Vector borne diseases (malaria), Diarrhoea diseases Malnutrition, increased chid labour, early marriages Droughts Poor harvests & food shortage Drop in school attendance, poor perfomance, school dropouts Fires and heat spells Respiratory diseases Decline in Educational Attainment Index 124 Zimbabwe Human Development Report 2017 Primary, direct impacts Climate change affects the education sector directly through the increased frequency and severity of extreme weather events, in particular heavy rains accompanied by flash floods, strong winds and hailstorms. However, there is a dearth of studies focusing on the impacts of climate change on education in Zimbabwe. Similarly, there is no systematically compiled and published database on the destruction of education related infrastructure caused by natural disasters in the country. The Department of Civil Protection periodically produces situation reports that contain numbers of homesteads, schools, shops and other buildings destroyed in extreme weather disasters such as heavy rains, hail storms and strong winds, and related loss of property and deaths. The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has recently started to compile information on damage to educational infrastructure caused by extreme weather conditions throughout the country and the related costs of rehabilitation or reconstruction. Extreme weather events have the potential to destroy this infrastructure as they often cause damage to school buildings, as well as the roads and bridges necessary for access to and provision of educational services. The extreme weather events also result in disruption of electricity supply, interrupting the operations of educational institutions and contributing to the displacement and migration of families, thus disrupting and limiting education opportunities. The outcome of these impacts is that children who cannot cross the flooded rivers fail to attend classes. Classrooms destroyed by the extreme weather events become unusable during the rainy season, forcing classes to be abandoned. The overall result is disruption of the learning process which leads to poor educational outcomes, including higher incidences of repeats and school dropouts. Students are often regarded as having absconded from school because of these disruptions. Some school buildings are destroyed by flash floods and storms, and roofs of classroom blocks are blown away. Apart from this, schools run without a full teacher complement most of the time as teachers avoid taking up posts in the flood prone areas. Those already in post leave for greener pastures as observed by participants at the consultative workshops. This compromises the quality of education in flood prone areas such as Muzarabani as they nearly always have above the recommended learner-teacher ratio at all levels of education.