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By: J. Emet, M.A., M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Eastern Virginia Medical School

As the definition suggests blood pressure varies greatly discount perindopril 8mg visa, palliative care is not care that begins when cure-focused treatment ends blood pressure medication cause weight gain best perindopril 2 mg. However pulse pressure septic shock order 2mg perindopril, definitions of palliative care blood pressure up at night order perindopril pills in toronto, the services that are part of it, and the clinicians who provide it are evolving steadily. In an attempt to make this valuable approach to care more widely available, palliative care programs are being developed in other settings for patients who are either not eligible for hospice or are "not ready" to enroll in a formal hospice program. As yet, there is no dedicated reimbursement to providers for palliative care services when they are delivered outside of the hospice setting, making the sustainability of such programs challenging. While there has been regulatory scrutiny on the one hand, long-term care facilities of all types are under increasing public pressure to improve care of the dying and are beginning to develop palliative care units or services, contract with home hospice programs to provide hospice care in the facilities, and educate staff, residents, and their families about pain and symptom management and end-of-life care. Despite the economic and human costs associated with death in the hospital setting, as many as 50% of all deaths occur in acute care settings (Hogan et al. Cicely Saunders, resulted in recognition of gaps in the existing system of care for the terminally ill (Amenta, 1986). It is clear that many patients will continue to opt for hospital care or by default will find themselves in hospital settings at the end of life. Increasingly, hospitals are conducting system-wide assessments of end-of-life care practices and outcomes and are developing innovative models for delivering high-quality, personcentered care to patients approaching the end of life. Hospitals cite considerable financial barriers to providing high-quality palliative care in an acute care setting (Cassel, Ludden & Moon, 2000). Public policy changes have been called for that would provide reimbursement to hospitals for care delivered via designated hospitalwide palliative care beds, clustered palliative care units, or palliative care consultation services in acute care settings. Hospice Care in the United States Although the concept dates to ancient times, hospice as a way of caring for those at the end of life did not emerge in the United States until the 1960s (Hospice Association of America, 2001). The hospice movement in the United States is based on the belief that meaningful living is achievable during terminal illness, and that it is best supported in the home, free from technological interventions to prolong physiologic dying (Amenta, 1986). In the years between 1984 and 1996, which followed the creation of the Medicare Hospice Benefit, there was a 70-fold increase in the number of hospices participating in Medicare (Hospice Association of America, 2001). Despite more than 25 years of existence in the United States, hospice remains an option for end-of-life care that has not been fully integrated into mainstream health care. Although hospice care is available to persons with any life-limiting condition, it has primarily been used by patients with advanced cancer, where the disease staging and trajectory lend themselves to more reliable Palliative Care in Long-Term Care Facilities the place of death for a growing number of Americans after the age of 65 is the long-term care facility (Alliance for Aging Research, 1997) As many as one third of all Medicare beneficiaries who die in any given year spend all or part of their last year of life in a long-term care facility (Hogan et al. The trend favoring care of dying patients in long-term care facilities will continue as the population ages and as managed care payors pressure health care providers to minimize costs (Field & Cassel, 1997). Yet residents of long-term care facilities reportedly have poor access to high-quality palliative care. Regulations that govern how care in these facilities is organized and reimbursed tend to emphasize restorative measures and fail to reward palliative care (Zerzan, Stearns & Hanson, 2000). Although home hospice programs have been permitted since 1986 to enroll long-term care facility residents in hospice programs and provide interdisciplinary services to residents who qualify for hospice care, the Office of the Inspector General, an oversight arm of the federal govern- Chapter 17 prediction about the end of life (Boling & Lynn, 1998; Christakis & Lamont, 2000). Many reasons have been proposed for the reluctance of physicians to refer patients to hospice and the reluctance of patients to accept this form of care. These include the difficulties in making a terminal prognosis, the strong association of hospice with death, advances in "curative" treatment options in late-stage illness, and financial pressures on health care providers that may cause them to retain rather than refer hospice-eligible patients. The result is that patients who could benefit from the comprehensive, interdisciplinary support offered by hospice programs frequently do not enter hospice care until their final days (or hours) of life (Christakis & Lamont, 2000). Hospice is a coordinated program of interdisciplinary services provided by professional caregivers and trained volunteers to patients with serious, progressive illnesses that are not responsive to cure. The goal of hospice care is to enable the patient to remain at home, surrounded by the people and objects that have been important to him or her throughout life. Hospice care does not seek to hasten death, nor does it encourage the prolongation of life through artificial means.

Observe for symptoms of postpericardiotomy syndrome: fever zyrtec arrhythmia buy 4mg perindopril, malaise blood pressure 9060 discount perindopril 2 mg mastercard, pericardial effusion arteria entupida 70 generic perindopril 4mg on-line, pericardial friction rub blood pressure medication increased urination generic 8mg perindopril, arthralgia. Relieve symptoms of inflammation (eg, warm or flushed sensation, swelling, fullness, stiffness or aching sensation, and fatigue). Provide verbal and written instructions; provide several teaching sessions for reinforcement and answering questions. Provide information regarding follow-up phone call to surgeon, cardiologist, or liaison nurse; follow-up visit with surgeon. Make appropriate referrals: home care agency, cardiac rehabilitation program, community support groups, Mended Hearts Club. The less familiar or greater the amount of the content the patient and family need to learn, the more time it will take to learn. Family member responsible for home care is usually anxious and requires adequate time for learning. Arrangements for phone contacts with health care personnel help to allay anxieties. Discharge plans are influenced by the lifestyle demands of the home situation and the physical environment of the home. A systematic assessment of all systems is performed, with emphasis on cardiovascular functioning. Because alterations in cardiac output can affect renal, respiratory, gastrointestinal, integumentary, hematologic, and neurologic functioning, a history of these systems is also reviewed. Anticipation of cardiac surgery is a source of great stress to the patient and family. If it is extremely high, it may interfere with the use of effective coping mechanisms and with preoperative teaching. Questions may be asked to obtain the following information: Planning and Goals the major goals of the patient may include reducing fear, learning about the surgical procedure and postoperative course, and avoiding complications. Nursing Interventions During the preoperative phase of cardiac surgery, the nurse develops a plan of care that includes emotional support and teaching for the patient and family. Establishing rapport, answering questions, listening to fears and concerns, clarifying misconceptions, and providing information about what to expect are interventions the nurse uses to prepare the patient and family emotionally for the surgery and for the postoperative events. If there is fear of the unknown, other surgical experiences that the patient has had can be compared with the impending surgery. If the patient has already had a cardiac catheterization, the similarities and differences between that procedure and the surgery may be compared. The patient is encouraged to talk about any concerns related to previous experiences. A comparison is made between the pain experienced with cardiac surgery and other pain experiences. The preoperative sedation, the anesthetic, and the postoperative pain medications are described. The nurse reassures the patient that the fear of pain is normal, that some pain will be experienced, that medication to relieve pain will be provided, and that the patient will be closely observed. Patients who have a fear of scarring from surgery are encouraged to discuss this concern, and misconceptions are corrected. It may be helpful to indicate that the health care team members will keep the patient informed about the healing process. The patient and family are encouraged to talk about their fear of the patient dying. For those who only hint about this concern despite efforts to encourage them to talk about their fear, coaching may be helpful (eg, "Are you worrying about not making it through surgery? After the fear is expressed, the patient and family can be helped to explore their feelings.

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Remember that the hypothalamus is the area in your brain that is the connection between your mind and your body blood pressure norms cheap perindopril 8mg without a prescription. It converts everything that goes on in your thought life into a physical reaction hypertension follow up best order for perindopril. The hypothalamus responds to blood pressure medication cough purchase 2mg perindopril mastercard those thoughts of self-condemnation and/or guilt by lowering the levels (amount) of a hormone in the brain called serotonin pulse pressure 29 buy 8mg perindopril overnight delivery. When the serotonin levels are lowered, it causes the whole central portion of your brain called the deep limbic system to inflame. This is when fear and anxiety in your thought life over the issue begins to develop and this leads to an over secretion of histamine which is the chemical that causes inflammation. Serotonin has several functions in the brain, one of which is to maintain the normal diameter of the blood vessels so that they supply the correct amount of blood to each area of the brain at just the right pressure. When the serotonin levels are reduced because of the guilt in your thought life, the histamine levels are able to increase because of the fear and anxiety. Therefore as the serotonin levels decrease, the brakes are off vasodilatation and the histamine levels increase causing the diameter of the blood vessels to increase. The enlarged and swollen blood vessels exert pressure on pain sensitive nerves and structures in your brain and that is what causes the pain of a migraine. Drugs that are used to treat migraines such as Imitrex work by increasing the levels of serotonin and decreasing the levels of histamine - in other words it is a serotonin enhancer and an antihistamine. Imitrex is a beta blocker which means that it stops that whole stage 2 and 3 stress reaction which comes as a result of fear and anxiety in your thought life (The different stages of stress are explained in the chapter on page 178). When the stage 2 and 3 stress reaction is stopped, it prevents the release of histamine. It also increases the levels of serotonin which is the "feel good" hormone because it makes you feel good about yourself. It does not actually increase the quantity of Serotonin, it just prolongs the time that it is out in circulation before it is taken up again by the nerves for recycling. In summary the drug: Decreases the histamine levels by stopping the stage 2 and 3 stress reaction caused by fear and anxiety in your thought life. However it is just an artificial way of restoring you to peace in your soul ­ it did not solve the underlying problem. It has deluded you into feeling good about yourself but in your heart you still do not like yourself. Even when you feel a migraine coming on, you can stop it from fully developing by quickly sorting out your thought life. This is what true spiritual warfare is about ­ bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10 v 5). The devil knows that if you allow him to control your thought life he can control your body chemistry and cause migraines. However, now you know your enemy, you understand his tactics and how he makes the migraine happen. Deal with those issues that are causing conflict and robbing you of your peace with yourself and others. This is because the dilated internal carotid artery squashes several nerves called sympathetic nerves against the bone of the skull. There are also disturbances in the parasympathetic nerves which cause tearing from one eye and a blocked nose. The underlying physical mechanism behind cluster headaches is dilation of the blood vessels in the brain. When the blood vessels are enlarged and swollen, they exert pressure on nerves and other pain sensitive structures in the brain which is what causes the pain of a cluster headache.

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A life care plan may also serve as the blueprint for what will be expected in long-term care blood pressure medication names starting with p buy perindopril 4mg otc. These plans provide a guideline of anticipated patient care needs for families arteria obstruida 50 buy discount perindopril 4 mg on line, insurance companies arteria circunfleja purchase 8mg perindopril overnight delivery, attorneys blood pressure tool purchase perindopril amex, discharge planners, case managers, and all medical and nursing professionals. The cost of the life care plan varies, depending on the planner, the severity of the injury or illness, and who is paying for the service, but the average cost is currently between $5,000 and $20,000 (Schuman, 2001). The Role of the Family Planning for care and understanding the psychosocial issues confronting the older person must be accomplished within the context of the family. If dependency needs occur, the spouse often assumes the role of primary caregiver. In the absence of the surviving spouse, an adult child usually assumes caregiver responsibilities and may eventually need help in providing care and support. Two common myths in American society are that adult children and their aged parents are socially alienated and that adult children abandon their parents when health and other dependency problems arise. Of those elders living alone, two thirds have at least one child living within 30 minutes of their home, and 62% see at least one adult child weekly (U. Social attitudes and cultural values often dictate that adult children should provide services and financial support and assume the burden of care if their aged parents are unable to care for themselves. If community agencies or adult children are unable to provide care, elders are at high risk for institutionalization. Regardless of the amount of responsibility and love an adult child exhibits toward dependent elderly parents, strains do develop if care continues for a long period. Life care plans were originally developed in 1981 as standardized, efficient guidelines for medical and ancillary quality-of-life services. A life care plan is often requested for individuals with catastrophic injuries or illness (eg, traumatic brain injury, amputation, multiple sclerosis) who will require ongoing rehabilitative Chart 12-2 Life Care Plan Components Medical history Social history Family issues Vocational/educational history Projected medical evaluations Projected physical and occupational therapy needs Future medical care and medications Therapeutic supplies Personal items Diagnostic testing Medical equipment and supply needs Recreational equipment Aids for independent function Home/facility care Transportation needs Architectural renovations Potential medical complications Compromised financial status Adapted with permission from Schuman, J. Caring interaction among grandchildren, grandparents, and other family members typically contributes to the health of all. Under certain circumstances of high risk, strains in intergenerational relationships can result in elder abuse (Hoban & Kearney, 2000; Phillips, 2000; Tumolo, 2000). Elder abuse is an active or passive act or behavior that is harmful to the elderly person. Such behavior includes physical violence, personal neglect, financial exploitation, violation of rights, denial of health care, and self-inflicted abuse. Preventive action should be taken when strains are evident, before elder abuse occurs. Interdisciplinary team members can be enlisted to help the caregiver develop self-awareness, increased insight, and an understanding of the aging process. Figure 12-4 shows the estimated growth in Medicare and out-of-pocket annual spending between 2000 and 2025. Safety and Comfort in the Home Environment Injuries rank seventh as a cause of death for older people. The nurse can encourage lifestyle and environmental changes that older adults and their families can adopt. Adequate lighting with minimal glare and shadow can be achieved through the use of small area lamps, indirect lighting, sheer curtains to diffuse direct sunlight, dull rather than shiny surfaces, and nightlights. Loose clothing, improperly fitting shoes, scatter rugs, small objects, and pets create hazards and increase the risk of falls. A person functions best in familiar settings if furniture and objects remain as unchanged as is safely possible. Community Support Services Many community supports exist that help the older person maintain independence.

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It is best to hypertension 160100 purchase line perindopril eat at the same time each day heart attack ekg buy perindopril 8mg otc, but as you can see that does not necessarily mean eating at the same time according to blood pressure medication spironolactone side effects generic 4mg perindopril otc the clock because the length of the days vary with the seasons blood pressure chart record keeping discount 8 mg perindopril with amex. What is 8:30am today will not be exactly the same as 8:30am in a few weeks time according to a man-made clock. For example in North America there are only 10 sixty minute hours of daylight in the winter months and 15 sixty minute hours in summer. Therefore if a person normally has breakfast at 7:00am or supper at 6:00pm, this would be when it is dark during winter which as I explained previously is very unhealthy. That is why the only accurate way of calculating time is by using the Scriptural method where you start counting from sunrise as explained above. If you wait at least two hours after sunrise, you will be eating at the optimal time no matter what the season is. For example plants open and close at the same time each day, animals such as birds begin singing at sunrise and settle down as it becomes dark and even the ocean waves/tides go through annual cycles which are dictated by the sun and moon. Florists have devised strategies to duplicate the natural environments of their plants. They go to a lot of expense setting up fluorescent lights and irrigation to keep the plants as close as possible to their natural cycles of sunlight and rain so as to keep them beautiful and healthy. Zoo keepers go to a lot of trouble to imitate the natural habitats of the different animals. We will spend a lot of time and money making lovely cages for our pet birds and hamsters or beautiful fish tanks that mimic the natural environment of the ocean. Daniel 7 v 24 - 25: "24And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings. Not only did he change the times of the Sabbath and other feasts, but he also went so far as to change the hours of the day and therefore our eating and sleeping patterns. Most people do not realize that the source of the customary times of eating comes from religious practices but it is a well established fact 62. Whilst the original Judeo-Christian times of eating the two meals a day corresponded with their times of worship at the third and ninth hour, the traditional times of the three meals that most people live by today partly originates from the ancient customary times of pagan worship of the sun and moon. This was at the first, sixth and twelfth hour which was at sunrise, when the sun is at its highest peak (noon) and sunset. Thus the three meals a day custom that this world has adopted (which varies slightly from culture to culture) does not come from Heaven but rather goes completely against the divine design of the Creator. Allow me to explain why this eating pattern is so unhealthy for you: I have already discussed in detail why supper. The destructive habit of eating at night is exacerbated by eating breakfast early in the morning. By the morning the food is only in a semi-digested state when the next batch of food is added. This puts the digestive system under stress as it is overloaded with work without having the rest and rejuvenation that it was meant to have during the night which deprives it of much needed energy. As a result it often causes the person to feel physically tired and mentally lethargic in the early hours of the day. Although breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day, most people are not hungry at this time because they are still digesting the large meal from the night before. They typically have a small snack such as a piece of toast (or another form of carbohydrate that releases energy producing sugars in the body) and a cup of coffee because they feel the need for fresh energy. By mid-morning they are feeling weak and so will have a cup of tea or coffee and a snack or piece of fruit for a quick energy rush. This happens because the energy that should have already been available to the body is only just being released which is unfortunate because it is not put to good use during the most active part of the day.

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