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By: F. Narkam, M.A., M.D., M.P.H.

Medical Instructor, Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine

On public and festival occasions they usually separate cholesterol reduction 5 mg crestor fast delivery, the wife joining a roup of other women cholesterol levels by age 2015 buy crestor overnight, the husband going with the men cholesterol-lowering nutraceuticals and functional foods cost of crestor. You will never surprise an exchange of tender looks cholesterol hdl ratio diabetes crestor 10mg mastercard, loving smiles, or amorous banter between a husband and wife in the Trobriands. I I I) When the pair move on to their own hut, they may or may not share the same bunk:; there seems to be no rule in this matter. Some of my native authorities specifically informed me that married couples always sleep in the same bed at first, but later on they separate and come together only for inter course. I suspect, however, that this is rather a piece of cyni -cal philosophy than a statement of accepted useage. It is interesting in itself that this cynical point of view coin cides with marriage. It would be an unpardonable breach of etiquette were you to mention, even unwittingly, and in passing, the good looks of a wife to her husband. It leads to murder, sorcery, or We witness the beginning of an etiquette here that appears to have the character of compulsive avoidance. When one con siders the contradiction between the sexual freedom prior to marriage and the constrained sexuality within marriage, the only the Imposition of Sexua l Mora lity 145 possible conclusion is that certain interests have begun to en croach on sexual life and to restrict sexual freedom, and that, in support of these interests, internalized psychic defenses (re pression) have also begun to develop. In some passages Mali nowski attempts to portray Trobriand marital life as generally harmonious, but his reports of tragic suicides among married women, of marital strife, and of the secretive quality which envelops married life indicate that Trobriand matrimonial rela. Malinowski discusses at length the individual motives which are at play when marriage occurs. A Trobriand man does not attain a full social position in the community until he is married. A man "who is beyond early youth has a natural desire for his own home and household"; the services that a woman provides for her husband are also attractive. The ques tion here is one of psychological interests and moral attitudes which have been called into existence by the institution of mar riage. Certainly an esteemed and fully ac knowledged social position is imaginable without the institution of marriage: the custom itself requires a sociological explana tion. Finally, even an interest in legitimately born children presupposes an interest in the institution of marriage. This obligation is perhaps the most important factor in the whole social mechanism of Trobriand society. On it, through the institution of rank, and through his privilege of polygamy, rests the authority of the chief, and hi s power to finance all ceremonial enterprises and festivities. In consideration of the process set into motion by the ritual of marriage dowry, it is more proper to say, "retain for a while. The marriage itself, "for the family a lasting source of considerable tension and tribulation," is zealously discussed the Imposition of Sexua l Morality 147 by the relatives, although they are excluded from exercising any influence on the matrimonial plans. The amount of the gift is determined by the social rank of the family in question. Each person retains a p art of the garden production for his own use, and the rest is given to the female relatives and their husbands. However, as Malinowski emphasizes, the dowry is "the primary and most presentable product of gardening. For he will be dependent, not only on his own industry and capacity, but also on that of his relatives in-law.

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Onyegegbu N (no date) Menstruation and menstrual hygiene among women and young females in rural eastern Nigeria cholesterol levels normal range australia 10mg crestor visa. Gathigah M (2011) Kenya: Government funds free sanitary pads for schoolgirls does cholesterol medication raise liver enzymes cheap crestor 20 mg online, Guardian Development Network cholesterol levels vldl buy crestor 5 mg without prescription. If you wish to cholesterol levels chart ireland purchase discount crestor online use this case study in another publication, permission will be required from the original publisher. This technical brief was last updated by Tony Swetman for Practical Action in November 2008. Rajiv Ghandi National Drinking Water Supply, Department of Water Supply, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India (no date) Incinerator for school toilet waste; Case study: Tamil Nadu. Opportunities have been identified for girls and women to discuss menstrual hygiene at community level. Opportunities have been identified for men and boys to learn about menstrual hygiene and how they can positively contribute. Men, women, girls and boys know the importance of households having access to private sanitation and hygiene facilities with easy access to a water supply for menstrual hygiene. Public places such as marketplaces, community centres etc have accessible, well maintained and gender-segregated water, sanitation and hygiene facilities, providing privacy and a hygienic environment for women and girls to manage their menstrual hygiene. Public places have a discrete disposal mechanism for sanitary protection materials. Module 1 Module 2 Module 4 2 3 Module 2 4 Module 4 Toolkit 4 5 Module 4 Toolkit 4 6 Module 4 Toolkit 4 T4. Male-led presentation on menstrual hygiene and female facilitator-led presentation on the general water, sanitation and hygiene context. Observations: At different stages of the sessions, the women were either quiet or highly engaged and interested. It was noted that young literate women were quite open to discuss the subject and thereby break the silence, and it was proposed that if these types of age groups are mobilised as front line workers, menstrual taboos will no longer be a taboo in the urban environment. In the rural training it was noted that the severity of the restrictions and challenges are rooted in the rural context, and older women did not feel as comfortable to start breaking the silence. School teachers at the training noted their mistake in not incorporating menstrual hygiene into their teaching, and hence this was identified as a good opportunity to start breaking the silence in rural areas. Female community health volunteers from Nepal participating in a training course on menstrual hygiene (Photo: WaterAid in Nepal) p. Rajiv Ghandi National Drinking Water Supply, Department of Water Supply, Ministry of Rural development, Government of India (no date) Incinerator for school toilet waste; Case study: Tamil Nadu. Said Business School, University of Oxford (2010) New study shows sanitary protection for girls in developing countries may provide a route to raising their educational standards. WaterAid in Nepal (2009) Is menstrual hygiene and management an issue for adolescent school girls Abera Y (2004) Menarche, menstruation related problems and practices among adolescent high school girls in Addis Ababa. Adams J, Bartram J, Chartier Y and Sims J (2009) Water, sanitation and hygiene standards for schools in low-cost settings. Kerner B, Gebregiorgis Y and Asia I (2010) Catalysing community change: Managing menstruation in schools. Scott L, Dopson S, Montgomery P, Dolan C and Ryus C (2009) Impact of providing sanitary pads to poor girls in Africa.

Recognize major differences and similarities among various cultural groups in the U cholesterol metabolism order crestor now. Demonstrate ability to grocery list cholesterol lowering foods order crestor 20mg with mastercard work cooperatively with the community and express to is there good cholesterol in shrimp buy cheapest crestor and crestor the community that its participation is wanted and needed cholesterol hdl definition 5mg crestor amex. Develop cross-cultural awareness and understanding of the major cultural groups represented in the local school district, and at the individual schools, in order to 12. The district-developed portfolio may be credited towards the sixty (60) hours of inservice requirement for up to a maximum of thirty (30) inservice points/hours. Upon successful completion of the component, participants will be able to modify curriculum and offer instruction and evaluation compatible with student language diversity. Understand and apply knowledge of concepts of cultural competence, particularly knowledge about how cultural identities affect learning and academic progress for students from diverse backgrounds and at varying English proficiency levels. Demonstrate awareness of current research relevant to best practices in second language and literacy instruction. Identify and understand the nature and role of culture, cultural groups, and individual cultural identities. Organize treatment language learning objectives for students from diverse backgrounds and at varying English proficiency levels. Participants will engage in independent study, review web sites and professional articles, review key terms, complete online learning activities, take assessments and pass with 80% or greater accuracy rate. When appropriate, participants will complete and submit the following items as verification for district-awarded independent study credit. Participants are required to follow all district procedures established for utilizing the independent study in-service option. Participants will also complete a pre/post survey to gauge growth in addition to a participant satisfaction survey. Evaluation Methods for Staff Code: D-Other Changes in Practice Evaluation Methods for Students Code: D-Observation of Student Performance Who will use the evaluation impact data gathered Impact data will be used by participants, school administration, academic coaches, and district personnel and will inform decisions with regard to needed additional professional learning based upon reflective opportunities. Participant pre/post survey is designed to assess individual growth as a result of the module. Districts will have the opportunity to review the required documents submitted by participants. They will then make relevant revisions to ensure a successful learning experience. Distinguish between visible, surface characteristics of culture and the many subtle, invisible manifestations of culture known as deep culture. Recognize the stages of culture adaptation for newcomers to any culture and demonstrate awareness of the behavioral characteristics that may be associated with each stage of adjustment and which often appear as classroom problems. Become aware of the wide diversity within any given cultural group and how to use cultural information without stereotypes or preconceived ideas concerning cultural characteristics. Understand and accept the influence that home, school, and community relationships have on academic achievement and school adjustment of students. Develop strategies and activities that promote parent, school, and community relationships with the classroom. Understand the process of literacy development and be able to identify various stages of literacy. Describe the similarities in the processes of language acquisition and literacy development.

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A detailed history reveals that he also has severe pain with urination (nongonococcal urethritis) high cholesterol levels chart australia crestor 5 mg without prescription. A 35-year-old woman who lives in the southeastern portion of the United States and likes to cholesterol vldl order crestor now hike in the Great Smoky Mountains presents with a spotted rash that started on her extremities and spread to cholesterol values nz buy crestor 20mg without prescription her trunk and face cholesterol test and alcohol consumption buy 10mg crestor overnight delivery. A biopsy of one of these lesions reveals necrosis and reactive hyperplasia of blood vessels. Bartonella henselae Bartonella quintana Coxiella burnetii Rickettsia prowazekii Rickettsia rickettsii 82 Pathology 110. A 22-year-old hiker living in western North Carolina develops fever, chills, headaches, and myalgia after being bitten by a tick. Examination of his peripheral blood reveals rare "asterisk-shaped" inclusion bodies in his neutrophils. Chlamydia psittaci Ehrlichia chaffeensis Francisella tularensis Nocardia asteroides Trypanosoma brucei 111. A 21-year-old college athlete presents with a nagging cough and a 20-lb weight loss. In addition to the chronic cough and weight loss, his main symptoms consist of fever, night sweats, and chest pains. His symptoms are most likely due to an infection with which one of the following organisms Physical examination finds tender hepatosplenomegaly along with the enlarged lymph nodes. A microscopic section from one of the enlarged lymph nodes, which has a yellow color grossly, that is stained with an acidfast stain reveals aggregates of foamy macrophages with numerous ("too many to count") intracellular acid-fast organisms. An adult migrant farm worker in the San Joaquin Valley of California has been hospitalized for 2 weeks with progressive lassitude, fever of unknown origin, and skin nodules on the lower extremities. A biopsy of one of the deep dermal nodules shown in the photomicrograph below reveals the presence of which abnormality Russell bodies Malignant lymphoma Coccidioides spherule Lymphomatoid granulomatosis Erythema nodosum 114. A 31-year-old woman living in southern Ohio presents with a lowgrade fever and a nonproductive cough. She says that over the last few days she has had some left-sided chest pain along with shortness of breath. Histologic sections of lung from this area reveal organisms morphologically consistent with Blastomyces dermatitidis. Which one of the following abnormalities was most likely seen in these histologic sections The India ink prep reveals through negative staining that these yeasts have a capsule. A patient who presents to the hospital with severe headaches develops convulsions and dies. At autopsy the brain grossly has a "Swiss cheese" appearance due to the presence of numerous small cysts containing milky fluid. Taenia saginata Taenia solium Diphyllobothrium latum Echinococcus granulosa Toxocara canis General Pathology 85 117. A 27-year-old man develops acute diarrhea consisting of foul-smelling, watery stools, along with severe abdominal cramps and flatulence, after returning from a trip to the Caribbean. These signs and symptoms are caused by infection with which one of the following organisms A 7-year-old girl presents with signs of acute appendicitis including fever and right lower quadrant abdominal pain.

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Vasectomy is sometimes used experimentally or to cholesterol equivalent chart order crestor overnight delivery produce teaser animals used to myth of cholesterol in eggs discount crestor 20mg with visa identify females in heat foods raise bad cholesterol order crestor 10 mg without prescription. Accessory Sex Glands the male accessory sex glands produce the bulk of the ejaculate cholesterol ratio normal range canada purchase generic crestor canada, or semen, the medium for transport of sperm. Semen provides favorable conditions for nutrition of sperm and acts as a buffer against the natural acidity of the female genital tract. The accessory sex glands include the ampulla of the ductus deferens, vesicular gland, prostate gland, and bulbourethral gland. There is considerable variation in shape and size of the various accessory sex glands among species, but the relative location is similar in all animals. Ampullae the ampullae are glandular enlargements associated with the terminal parts of the ductus deferentia. Glands of the ampullae empty into the ductus deferentia and contribute volume to the semen. Vesicular Glands the vesicular glands (formerly called seminal vesicles) are paired glands associated with the genital fold. In most domestic species, each vesicular gland merges with the ipsilateral ductus deferens, creating the short ejaculatory duct, which empties into the pelvic urethra. In the boar, the vesicular glands open into the urethra separately from the ductus deferentia. The vesicular glands of the stallion are hollow, pear-shaped sacs; those of the bull, ram, and boar are lobulated glands of considerable size. The prostate produces an alkaline secretion that gives semen its characteristic odor. In older intact male animals, the prostate may become enlarged and interfere with urination. Penis the male organ of copulation, the penis, may be divided into three general areas: the glans, or free extremity; the main portion, or body; and the two crura, or roots, that attach to the ischial arch of the pelvis. Each corpus cavernosum is replete with blood sinusoids divided by sheets of connective tissue called trabeculae. These are derived from the tunica albuginea, Prostate Gland the prostate gland is an unpaired gland that more or less surrounds the pelvic urethra. In farm animals the prostate gland comprises various combinations of diffuse and compact parts extending along the pelvic urethra under cover of the urethral muscle. Accessory Reproductive Glands; dorsal view Ampulla of Ductus Deferens Seminal Vesicle Prostate Gland Bulbourethral Gland Transection of the penis, midshaft Corpus Cavernosum B. In species with a fibroelastic penis (ruminants and swine), the trabeculae form the bulk of the penis, and as a consequence, in these species the penis is firm when not erect. The stallion has a musculocavernous penis, with the blood sinusoids predominating over connective tissue. They originate on the caudal surface of the ischial arch, one on each side of the symphysis of the pelvis. The ventral midline groove between the corpora cavernosa contains the penile urethra and an associated unpaired body of erectile tissue, the corpus spongiosus. The proximal continuation of the corpus spongiosum is the bulb of the penis, which lies between the crura. In most animals, the corpus spongiosum penis is continuous distally with the erectile tissue of the glans. These are called pizzle eyes, and their presence is used to identify a dressed carcass as male. The horse and sheep both have a free portion of the urethra, the urethral process, that projects beyond the glans. The bull and ram have a helmet-shaped glans, and the external urethral opening of the bull opens into a twisted groove.

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