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By: F. Aldo, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., Ph.D.

Clinical Director, University of Hawaii at Manoa John A. Burns School of Medicine

Defense counsel generally use these conferences to best antibiotics for acne reviews cheap stanicid 10 gm otc raise motions in limine to antibiotic resistant upper respiratory infection order stanicid us suppress evidence antibiotic vegetables discount stanicid 10gm overnight delivery. At a pretrial conference antibiotics klebsiella order stanicid online from canada, the judge is usually interested in knowing how long the trial will last, how many witnesses the prosecutor intends to call, and sometimes even the substance of the case. Defense counsel should obtain and examine this memorandum promptly, interview any previously unknown government witnesses, and tie up loose ends made visible by the government in its memorandum. Counsel should also request that the prosecutor provide a witness list and exhibit list in order to facilitate a smooth trial. In the event of a complicated trial and a recalcitrant prosecutor, defense counsel should turn to the judge with the argument that discovery of this information will facilitate an efficient trial and prevent continuances. Petitioner must present evidence in support of claims that colorably entitle them to relief. Defense counsel should attempt to obtain non-exculpatory co-defendant statements from co-counsel, or seek disclosure by court order. The Jencks Act applies only if the government intends to call the co-defendant as a witness. Co-conspirator statements that the government intends to introduce at trial are generally not discoverable pretrial under Rule 16(a)(1)(A) although those statements will be attributed to the defendant under Fed. Additionally, co-conspirator statements made after the termination of the alleged conspiracy are not discoverable under the co-conspirator rationale. Another effective way to discover co-conspirator statements is to demand production for purposes of pretrial rulings on the admissibility of the statements against your client. Besides exculpatory statements, which are discoverable under Brady, the statements may be outside the scope of the alleged conspiracy or may be so unduly prejudicial as to overcome their probative value. Additionally, use of such statements violates the Confrontation Clause, since the defendant would not be 3-106 Discovery able to cross-examine the co-defendant about the statements unless the co-defendant testifies, which cannot be compelled. Defense counsel should request a pretrial hearing outside the presence of the jury under Fed. For a statement to be admitted under Rule 801(d)(2)(E), a court must find, by a preponderance of the evidence, that a conspiracy existed between the declarant and the non-offering party, and that the statement was made during the course of the conspiracy and in furtherance of the conspiracy. This discovery mandate is only applicable where the government seeks the death penalty - not in cases where the statute authorizes a death sentence but the government does not seek the death penalty or could not because the statutory scheme is unconstitutional. In noncapital cases, the trial court has discretion to order the prosecutor to furnish the defense a witness list. The court also has the discretion to order the government to provide the names and addresses of all witnesses to the crime whom the government does not intend to call at trial. Further, the trial court also may, in its discretion, exclude a government witness that the government was delayed in naming. The trial court, however, cannot order the government and defendant to exchange witness lists and summaries of anticipated witness testimony before trial. Defense counsel should bring a formal motion for a prosecution witness list and set forth a showing of need and materiality to situations where there are many witnesses. Instructing a witness not to talk to the opposing side is improper for a prosecutor or a defense attorney. To be discoverable under Jencks, the statement must be written or adopted by the witness, or acknowledged by the witness to be an accurate account of a prior interview. At trial, the defense has an absolute right to discover relevant written witness statements under the Jencks Act. Defense counsel should also make motions for Jencks material at suppression hearings, Fed. The government must, of course, produce exculpatory witness statements under Brady.


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Michele Starkey Renton School District McKinney-Vento Liaison (Long Term Goals and Measurement of Interim Progress) I recommend that the state education plan include students experiencing homelessness as a separate subgroup horse antibiotics for dogs discount 10gm stanicid fast delivery. Counselors work with Special ed and 504 and McKinney Vento and high achievers and struggling learners and medically fragile and chronically absent and drug and alcohol impacted and victims of violence and mentally ill and parents and teachers and administrators and colleges and community agencies antimicrobial home depot order stanicid no prescription. School counselors educate parents about the grad requirements and assessments that their child needs to infection movie discount generic stanicid canada pass antibiotics for acne cost cheap 10gm stanicid amex. School counselors know their students and teachers and help with appropriate academic choices and policies that are good for students. School counselors often are the first to identify unnecessary barriers to academic access and success. Clear, easy accessible, accurate data is vital to help school counselors identify and close the achievement gap for their students. Having an counselor evaluation system that reflects that what counselors do is significantly different then what teachers and administrators is vital. School counselors know their students and thus can more effectively support and motivate students to succeed in school. Kaitlyn Bradley Bellevue School District School Counselor (Long Term Goals and Measurement of Interim Progress) It is important to include school counselors as important stakeholders in helping to close the achievement gap. School counselors often work with the most at risk students by providing intensive academic, career, and personal guidance. School counselors team with teachers and administrators to identify and implement interventions to reach students who are not meeting standard. They are the ones who track graduation requirements and provide guidance to students and families to ensure that students are on track for graduation and success in their post high school endeavors. School counselor evaluations in my district are typically not specific or always applicable to the role of a school counselor. There is a need for an evaluation system that focuses on professional growth of school counselors based on student data and achievement. A meaningful and authentic evaluation system should be implemented for all school employees not just teachers. In my district, school counselors guide students through regular college and career exploration activities and their 4 year graduation plan. Another important part of support all students is supporting not only their academic success but also their social and emotional development. School counselors support students social/emotional needs by providing relevant guidance curriculum about topics such as conflict resolution, bullying, and stress management skills. In elementary, we know which kids are struggling and already 1 or 2 grade levels behind. Those kids will always struggle to be at standard unless they receive significant interventions and support. They not only need academic support but emotional support because some of the reason they struggle to learn is because of trauma and home environment. I understand that is when things get urgent because of the need to raise graduation rates. However, just like attention has been raised about early childhood intervention at the preschool level, elementary level needs far more funding and attention. At the elementary level, students are very influenced and motivated by interventions to help them succeed because they have not yet experienced years of failure after failure. But with only one counselor to 700 students at the elementary level, giving these students adequate support is impossible.

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A Early apical change on /5" showing widening of the periodontal ligament space and thinning of the lamina dura (acute apical periodontitis) (arrowed) antibiotics for sinus infection and drinking buy online stanicid. B Same patient 6 months later - the area of bone destruction at the apex /5" has increased considerably (open arrows) and there is now early apical change associated with the mesial root f6 (solid arrows) infection 9gag order 10 gm stanicid fast delivery. D Reasonably welldefined area of bone destruction (arrowed) associated with /T (periapical abscess antibiotic vs antiviral stanicid 10gm cheap, granuloma or cyst) antibiotic 2 times a day buy cheap stanicid 10gm line. The antrum has been displaced by the upper margin of the cyst which is not evident on this radiograph. Treatment and radiographic follow-up Conventional endodontic therapy which involves orthograde root canal debridement, to remove the source of the infection followed by obturation and sealing of the canals to prevent recontamination, is now used to treat initially most inflammatory periapical areas. In addition, follow-up radiographs were recommended to be taken at 1 year and 4 years after completion of treatment (see. These films should ideally be taken using a similar technique and with the same exposure factors. The periapical tissues 239 Other important causes of periapical radiolucency Many of the conditions described in Chapters 25 and 26 can present occasionally in the apical region of the alveolar bone. Although it is uncommon, clinicians should still be alert to the possibility that malignant lesions can present as apparently simple localized areas of infection. Suggested guidelines for interpreting periapical radiographs Although somewhat repetitive, this methodical approach to radiographic interpretation is so important, and so often ignored, that it is described again. Features of concern are the ragged bone margin (solid arrows) and the extensive resorption of 12. B Part of a dental panoramic tomograph showing a large poorly defined area of radiolucency in f^5 region (arrowed). Systematic viewing A systematic approach to viewing periapical radiographs is shown in Figure 20. This approach ensures that all areas of the film are observed and that the important features of the tooth apex are examined. In the interpretation of the periodontal tissues, films of excellent quality are essential - perhaps more so than in other dental specialities - because of the fine detail that is required. An overall assessment of the periodontal tissues is based on both the clinical examination and radiographic findings - the two investigations complement one another. Unfortunately, like many other indicators of periodontal disease, radiographs only provide retrospective evidence of the disease process. However, they can be used to assess the morphology of the affected teeth and the pattern and degree of alveolar bone loss that has taken place. Bone loss can be defined as the difference between the present septal bone height and the assumed normal bone height for any particular patient, taking age into account.

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The g ro u p defined by know ledge of these w orking co n v en tio n s can re a so n a b ly be th o u g h t of as th e in n e r circle of the a rt world antibiotic resistance video pbs cheap 10gm stanicid otc. E very art w ork creates a w orld in som e respects unique bacteria pilorica purchase cheapest stanicid and stanicid, a c o m b in a tio n of vast a m o u n ts o f co n v en tional m a terials with som e th a t are innovative bacteria jokes buy stanicid in united states online. With o u t the first necro hack infection purchase cheapest stanicid, it b e co m es unintelligible; with o u t th e second, it b e co m es boring a n d featureless, fading into the b a c k g ro u n d like m usic in s u p e rm a rk e ts a n d p ic tu re s on m otel walls. The variations m a y be so sm all that only an aficionado w ould notice them, o r so obvious no o n e could ignore them. In either case, given the w w ld they are m a d e in a n d the a u d ie n c e they a re p re se n the d to, th e re w ill be m o re o r less-but usually so m e -n e w m aterial to be learned, m aterial specific to the piece itself. The artist m a y be learning th e m in the sa m e way, in the course of the p ro d u c tio n of a w o rk o r body of w ork, o r m ay have developed th e m in e x p erim en ts never m a d e public. People w h o co n tin u e to a tte n d to the new work, despite its initial unintelligibility, m ay learn e n o u g h to in the rp re t it. The new m a terials then b e co m e conventional in the the c h n i cal sense used above, being m utually u n d e rsto o d by the p a rtie s involved so th a t they can a ssu m e th a t everyone in volved k n o w s a n d will use th em in in terp retin g a n d re s p o n d in g to the w orks in question. A udiences learn u n fa m ilia r con ventions by experiencing th e m, by in the ra ctin g with th e w ork and, frequently, with o th e r people in relation to the w ork. The artist the a c h e s them w h a t it m ean s, w h a t it can do, a n d how they m ight e x p e rience it by creatin g those contexts. Thus, R o b e rt F ran k is widely cred ited with in tro d u c in g a new ic o n o g rap h y into c o n the m p o r a ry p h o to g ra p h y, giving a new sym bolic value to flags, crosses, autom obiles, a n d o th e r c o m m o n p la c e ele m e n ts o f the u r b a n la n d sc a p e (see figure 10). Robert Frank taught a generation of photographers and viewers to see in such objects as cars, flags, and crosses the special symbolism he gave them in the context o f his book, the Americans. T h at use of flags a n d sim ilar secular a n d religious sym bols, m o re o r less original with F ra n k a n d u n fa m ilia r to viewers at first, is now p a rt of the s ta n d a r d language o f c o n the m p o ra ry "socially conscious" p h o to g ra p h y. Originally F r a n k s language, to be learn ed from him in o rd e r to in the rp re t a n d u n d e r s ta n d his work, it is n o w c o m m o n parlan ce. E ach w ork in itself, by virtue of its differences (how ever sm all or insignificant) from all o th e r w orks, th u s the ac h es its a u d ie n c e s so m eth in g new: a new sym bol, a n e w form, a new m o d e of p resen tatio n. A trivial exam ple: the a u d ien ces of p o p u la r rad io a n d television p ro g ra m s learn to a n tici p a the re m a rk s a n d jo k e s th e y have learned will a p p e a r s o m e tim e d u rin g e a c h p e rfo rm a n ce. W h en F ib b er McGee finally o p e n e d his closet d o o r a n d everything in it fell, a n d fell, a n d f e l l. A m o re serious exam ple: serious c o m posers the ac h their a u d ie n c e s new h a rm o n ic usage a n d new form s, as D ebussy ta u g h t listeners to h e a r a n d re sp o n d to the "o rien talism " of the w hole-tone scale a n d W eb ern ta u g h t th e m to h e a r m elodic fra g m e n ts distributed, note by note, a m o n g a com plex of in s tru m e n ts instead of being played in en tirety by one. The g ro u p w hich u n d e rs ta n d s these artist-specific c o n ventions m a y be quite e p h em e ral, m a y not even m erit being called a group: all the people w h o have learned to read Dickens c a n n o t be called a group; they n ever act together. They have ju s t m a d e the sam e choice from easily available literary m aterials. N T I O N S a g a in -but they kn o w how to resp o n d to those well-known conventions. On the o th e r han d, w hen th e c o n v en tio n s of a piece o r a b o d y o f w o rk are truly innovative, n e v er widely know n or k n o w n at all, people w h o b e c o m e interested in the new w ork are n o t sim ply choosing a m o n g kno w n rep u tatio n s, b u t arc en gaging in an actio n that d e m a n d s so m e th in g m o re of th e m. They often c a n n o t sim ply follow an im pulse o r satisfy a curiosity b u t m u st act in c o n c e rt with o th e rs w ho s h a re their interest, o r else th e m a terial th a t interests th e m will not be available at all. They m a y find it necessary, desirable, or useful to join o rg an izatio n s w hich p ro m o the their interest in m o d e r n d ance, su b sc rib e to q u a rterlies specializing in e x p e rim e n ta l fiction, show up for the one occasion on w hich a new film can be viewed, a n d so on. It w ould be e x tra v a g a n t to say that the p eo p le w h o do this co n stitu the a g ro u p w hich routinely acts together, b u t they arc not an aggregate of totally u n c o n n e c the d individuals. They are, in so m e sense, en g ag e d in a jo in t effort to m a k e the conventions w hose innovative c h a ra c the r interests th e m m o re widelv know n o r at least viable as o n e of the reso u rces of an art.

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