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By: G. Dennis, MD

Co-Director, Florida Atlantic University Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine

In Afghanistan and Pakistan womens health issues discount 100 mg femcare with amex, security was increasingly compromising access to menopause changes safe 100 mg femcare children in parts of both countries women's health center at mercy order femcare overnight, while oversight and accountability remained weak in other parts of the countries breast cancer drug buy discount femcare 100 mg on-line. The humanitarian and financial benefits of interrupting wild poliovirus transmission globally, and then stopping the routine use of the oral poliovirus vaccines, are massive. Within a few days, coma and death from cardiac and respiratory arrest bring relief. A less dramatic form, "dumb" rabies, characterized by lethargy and paralysis, occurs in about a third of cases (1). In both forms, the outcome is invariably fatal within a few days although intensive medical care can delay, but not prevent, death (1). Only a very small number of people with symptomatic rabies have been known to escape death, and several of the survivors were left with neurological damage (1). Transmission of the virus to a person occurs mainly through the bite, scratch, or lick of an infected (rabid) animal (transmission from human-to-human is rare). Over an incubation period lasting typically two months (117), the virus travels up through the peripheral nerves to the brain (the closer the infective animal bite or scratch is to the head, the less distance the virus has to travel, and the shorter the incubation period (1)). During incubation of the disease, there is no test to indicate whether a person bitten by a rabid animal has in fact been infected, nor a way to determine whether the biting animal is rabid unless it is put to death and its brain examined in the laboratory. However, highly effective vaccines exist, and when administered as soon as possible after exposure, the rabies vaccine gives the patient an almost 100% chance of surviving. Every year, post-exposure prophylaxis (mostly the vaccine alone) is used in an estimated 10 million people (117), mostly in China and India (117). It is estimated that current levels of post-exposure prophylaxis prevent more than 250 000 deaths each year, mainly in Asia and Africa. A conservative estimate puts the annual number of rabies deaths occurring in Asia and Africa at 55 000. More than 60% of the total annual rabies deaths occur in Asia (the majority in India), and the rest occur mainly in Africa (118). In industrialized countries and in most parts of Latin America and some Asian countries. Thailand), widespread use of a veterinary vaccine in domestic dogs, and measures to manage the dog population, have made human rabies a rare occurrence (117). The first rabies vaccine was developed more than a century ago by Louis Pasteur in Paris (1). By 1910, Pasteur Institutes throughout the world were making this first, crude rabies vaccine that consisted essentially of dried nerve tissue taken from rabies-infected rabbits. Serious safety concerns over the vaccine, plus occasional failures, prompted a search for better vaccines. These nerve tissue vaccines, which are still in use in a few developing countries, have a number of drawbacks (119). The most serious is the fairly frequent occurrence of sometimes fatal neurological allergic reactions.

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Poor cohesion menopause hot flashes icd 9 purchase femcare 100 mg otc, poor composition women's health quotations purchase femcare 100 mg with visa, inadequate training womens health uk femcare 100 mg with mastercard, and difficulties adapting will have more pronounced consequences during long-term lunar and Mars missions menopause and weight loss generic 100 mg femcare amex, where there will be fewer resources for mitigating the effect of these factors on performance. Prolonged or pronounced exposure to stressors, such as interpersonal conflict, may produce strain among crew members; and strain is associated with negative physiological and mental health consequences. These health risks may become compounded by the fact that lunar and Mars missions introduce additional restrictions and stressors compared to the mission experiences of astronauts to date. However, these standards do not define such training or ensure that it will be available to crews prior to taking part in long-duration missions. Given the noted relationship between team composition, team training, cohesion, psychosocial adaptation, and performance, future space flight endeavors would benefit from specifying a "Fitness for Duty Standard" as well as "best practices" of psychosocial training and support for all crews prior to, during, and after flight. Priorities were determined by considering the operational relevance of each deliverable as well as its role in risk reduction and the advancement of countermeasure development in light of crew needs during Exploration missions. These efforts will address specific gaps including the following: What are the most likely and serious threats to team cohesion, performance, and crew-ground interaction Long-duration missions to remote environments will increase astronaut exposure to extreme isolation and confinement, resulting in higher stress levels and an increased risk of crew morale deterioration. Evidence supports the important role of environmental context in influencing team performance. Research demonstrates that specific factors can influence both team cohesion and team performance; it is therefore important to examine and implement practices that will ensure optimal performance while considering these issues. What aspects of communication impact crew cohesion, crew performance, and crew-ground interaction In summation, the selection of crew members, team training and building, and the psychosocial adaptation of the crew to the mission environment present several opportunities to encourage optimal performance; but more research must be done, in the appropriate contexts, to inform mission designers of how to take advantage of these opportunities. Space flight history and data are required to identify the performance objectives that are most likely to be influenced by psychosocial team factors, to assess which factors are most salient on the job, to develop relevant measures of cohesion and psychosocial adaptation, and to determine the baselines of individual and team performance. Laboratory-based and space analog studies are needed to pilot countermeasures and monitoring technologies, and to help identify the safest and most efficient means of manipulating factors to optimize performance. Finally, high-fidelity space analogs or current space flight studies are needed to test the utility of the tools and countermeasures that will be designed to promote optimal performance and support the psychosocial health of astronauts who are on long-duration missions. The funding and support of this research is justified by the poten- Risk of Performance Errors Due to Poor Team Cohesion and Performance, Inadequate Selection/Team Composition, Inadequate Training, and Poor Psychosocial Adaptation 71 Chapter 2 Human Health and Performance Risks of Space Exploration Missions tial benefits of knowing how to promote optimal performance. In essence, the surest way to reduce the risk of failure when we are unable to isolate and eliminate potential error sources is to achieve optimal performance. Comparing the protective values of social support, (trait) positive/negative affectivity and emotional competencies, to the social and mental health of male high school students experiencing stress. National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Department of Ocean Development, Goa. Paper presented at the International Conference on Environmental Systems, Jul 1999, Denver, Colo. United States Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, Arlington, Va. Beyond relational demography: time and effects of surface- and deep-level diversity on work group cohesion. Proceedings of the 14th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Jul 1992, Bloomington, Ind. Human Systems Integration Office Sub-element [Research and Technology] Gap Analysis. Risk of Performance Errors Due to Poor Team Cohesion and Performance, Inadequate Selection/Team Composition, Inadequate Training, and Poor Psychosocial Adaptation 79 Chapter 2 Human Health and Performance Risks of Space Exploration Missions Parke B, Orasanu J, Castle R, Hanley J. International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety Conference, Oct 2005, Nice, France. Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 37th Annual Meeting, Oct 1993, Seattle, Wash.

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Pro-inflammatory cytokines mediate symptoms of nausea menstruation tissue discharge cheap 100 mg femcare overnight delivery, vomiting women's healthy eating tips purchase generic femcare on-line, anorexia women's health clinic melbourne cbd purchase 100mg femcare free shipping, and cachexia in instances of cancer and other diseases as well as pregnancy menopause kills marriages discount femcare american express. In addition, ionizing radiation directly generates numerous reactive oxygen species. Additional reactive oxygen species are indirectly generated by cellular responses to radiation, initiating long-lasting cascades of inflammatory events. How these molecules interact to induce the symptoms of prodromal syndrome is unknown. One-hour lead time prediction of proton spectra that are generated from real-time electron measurements (Posner, 2007). Potential for biological countermeasures Radioprotectors, such as antioxidants, are agents that reduce the damage to various organs by radiation (Gudkow and Komarova, 2005). Several classes of drugs have been used to treat the nausea and vomiting that are experienced by patients who are undergoing whole-body radiotherapy (Harding, 1988). While the molecules that regulate vomiting are not well understood, the inhibitors or antagonists of serotonin, dopamine, histamine, and substance P suppress vomiting. Clinical trials have demonstrated that serotonin antagonists were more effective than prochlorperazine or metoclopramide (Franzen et al. Studies of the efficacy of combinations of drugs of different classes, such as palonosetron and aprepitant when used with olanzapine or gabapentin, are under way to prevent acute and delayed chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (Navari and Province, 2006). Cannabinoids, anticholinergics, steroids, benzodiazepides, and plant extracts are also currently being evaluated for their antiemetic properties. Lower doses of radiation induce symptoms that are much milder physiologically, but that pose operational risks that are equally serious. Both scenarios have the potential to seriously affect crew health and/or prevent the completion of mission objectives. Radiation protection must be provided in the form of predictive models, shielding, and biological countermeasures when traveling outside of the protective magnetosphere of the Earth. Unfortunately, the development of these tools is hindered by a lack of relevant space radiation research. Most radiation studies focus on radiation species and doses that are unlike the radiation that is encountered in space. There is therefore a pressing need for research that accurately reflects the radiation risks that are native to the space environment and that facilitate the development of both improved risk assessment and effective radioprotective strategies. Furusawa Y, Fukutsu K, Aoki M, Itsukaichi H, Eguchi-Kasai K, Ohara H, Yatagai F, Kanai T, Ando K. Hirama T, Tanosaki S, Kanatsu S, Kuroiwa N, Kamada T, Tsuji H, Yamada S, Katoh H, Yamamoto N, Tsujii H, Suzuki M, Akashi M. Radiation Effects Research Foundation, Atomic Bomb Casualty Commissions, Hiroshima, Japan, pp. Radiation and synergistic effects of radiation with other space flight factors may affect neural tissues, which in turn may lead to changes in function or behavior. Data specific to the spaceflight environment must be compiled to quantify the magnitude of this risk. If this is identified as a risk of high enough magnitude then appropriate protection strategies should be employed.

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This case highlights a number of important points in the care of children with asthma menstruation 18th century purchase femcare once a day. It highlights the heterogeneity and diversity among families experiencing homelessness breast cancer quotes for family order femcare without prescription. Each family comes from different backgrounds and family histories with unique circumstances that contribute to menstrual cramps 6 weeks pregnant femcare 100mg low cost their housing instability women's health and wellness issues buy femcare master card. It was through the communication between the Health Care for the Homeless Project with the primary care provider and pediatric pulmonologist that resulted in the enrollment in a medical home with a community health worker that helped to provide continuity of medical care as well as access to additional community resources and services. When possible, a team approach may be preferable to limiting the history-taking to the clinician. However, sensitive health and risk questions should be asked by the appropriate person on the team, and patient confidentiality should always be protected. Parents are sometimes reticent to disclose information that they feel could reflect negatively on their caregiving. Some may have child protective services cases open and may worry children will be taken away. Regardless, it will also be important to create as safe and supportive and environment as possible for the parent to establish a therapeutic relationship with you. For asthmatics, of particular importance are current prescription medication use (especially controller use), dosage and interval; over-thecounter medications; and herbal medications, vitamins, folk remedies, and any other alternative medication or treatment used. There may be significant differences in what a patient has been prescribed and what they have been able to access in terms of treatment and medication. It is often important to explicitly clarify the difference, as patients may not offer this information prior to the establishment of a trusting relationship with the provider. Similar attention may be important in accurately eliciting risk factor/behavior information. As with all asthmatics, review previous hospitalizations, intensive care stays and intubations; and immunization history. Ask about exercise-induced symptoms and treat accordingly to prevent children from being excluded from physical activities. Ask specifically about vocal cord dysfunction, eczema, and allergic rhinitis, comorbidities that may individually worsen asthma. Ask about exercise-induced symptoms, as they may influence the asthma severity, control classification, and the care plan. All clinicians should be familiar with the latest guidelines and be able to use them to care for patients with asthma. Undiagnosed Asthma Many families who are unstably housed have not had consistent medical care. Children may have been treated for multiple episodes of wheezing, but often by different health care providers-and thus never diagnosed with asthma. Even if the parent/guardian/child does not report a history of asthma, ask whether the child has a frequent cough, particularly at night. Medical Home Inquire if the child has a "medical home" (a regular source of coordinated primary care). Common barriers include, but are not limited to, lack of health insurance, change in health insurance, lack of transportation, lack of accessible clinic hours, and unaffordable co-pays. Significant Allergies Allergies can be triggers that can hinder the control of asthma. Keep in mind that many children may spend some of their time in day care or other environments with additional triggers. The results of the assessment may affect the severity/control score, treatment plan, and understanding of support services needed.

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