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By: R. Frillock, M.A., M.D., M.P.H.

Medical Instructor, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine

Tobacco smoking behaviors in bipolar disorder: a comparison of the general population hypertension headaches symptoms 25 mg microzide amex, schizophrenia arteria fibrillation cheap microzide 25mg free shipping, and major depression blood pressure fitbit purchase microzide 25mg on line. Suicidal behavior in bipolar disorder: what is the influence of psychiatric comorbidities? Clinical features hypertension webmd order microzide with visa, response to treatment and functional outcome of bipolar disorder patients with and without co-occurring substance use disorder: 1-year follow-up. Antidepressant-induced mania with concomitant mood stabilizer in patients with comorbid substance abuse and bipolar disorder. Sustained unemployment in psychiatric outpatients with bipolar disorder: frequency and association with demographic variables and comorbid disorders. Clinical significance of lifetime panic disorder in the course of bipolar disorder type I. Misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder as borderline personality disorder: clinical and economic consequences. Attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder in adults with bipolar disorder or major depressive disorder: results from the international mood disorders collaborative project. Bipolar disorders and quality of life: the impact of attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder and substance abuse in euthymic patients. Is the collaborative chronic care model effective for patients with bipolar disorder and co-occurring conditions? Improving medical and psychiatric outcomes among individuals with bipolar disorder: a randomized controlled trial. Development of an integrated psychosocial treatment to address the medical burden associated with bipolar disorder. Open adjunctive ziprasidone associated with weight loss in obese and overweight bipolar disorder patients. Bariatric surgery: 1-year weight loss outcomes in patients with bipolar and other psychiatric disorders. A ``communityfriendly' version of integrated group therapy for patients with bipolar disorder and substance dependence: a randomized controlled trial. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled add-on trial of quetiapine in outpatients with bipolar disorder and alcohol use disorders. A double-blind, placebocontrolled study with quetiapine as adjunct therapy with lithium or divalproex in bipolar I patients with coexisting alcohol dependence. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study of naltrexone in outpatients with bipolar disorder and alcohol dependence. Do atypical antipsychotics effectively treat co-occurring bipolar disorder and stimulant dependence? A randomized, placebo-controlled trial of citicoline add-on therapy in outpatients with bipolar disorder and cocaine dependence. Methylphenidate combined with aripiprazole in children and adolescents with bipolar disorder and attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder: a randomized crossover trial. Randomized, placebo-controlled trial of risperidone for acute treatment of bipolar anxiety. Quetiapine monotherapy as treatment for anxiety symptoms in patients with bipolar depression: a pooled analysis of results from 2 double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled studies. Placebo-controlled study of quetiapine monotherapy in ambulatory bipolar spectrum disorder with moderate-to-severe hypomania or mild mania.

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The neurocognitive disorder presents immediately after the occurrence of the trau matic brain injury or immediately after recovery of consciousness and persists past the acute post-injury period heart attack quiz discount 25mg microzide overnight delivery. Traumatic brain injury is defined as brain trauma with spe cific characteristics that include at least one of the following: loss of consciousness prehypertension blood pressure symptoms cheap microzide 25 mg amex, post traumatic amnesia blood pressure medication starting with v buy discount microzide 25 mg online, disorientation and confusion arteria genus media purchase microzide 25mg line, or, in more severe cases, neurological signs. Difficulties in the domains of complex attention, executive ability^, learning, and memory are common as well as slowing in speed of infor mation processing and disturbances in social cognition. Substantial subsequent deterioration in these areas should trigger con sideration of additional diagnoses. These include seizures (particularly in the first year), photosensitivity, h)eracusis, irritabil ity, aggression, depression, sleep disturbance, fatigue, apathy, inability to resume occu pational and social functioning at pre-injury level, and deterioration in interpersonal relationships. Among older teenag ers and adults, persisting symptoms may include various neurocognitive deficits, irrita bility, hypersensitivity to light and sound, easy fatigability, and mood changes, including depression, anxiety, hostility, or apathy. Traumatic brain injury rates vary by age, with the highest prevalence among individuals younger than 4 years, older adolescents, and in dividuals older than 65 years. Magnetic resonance image scanning may also reveal hyperintensities suggestive of microhemorrhages. Substance/Medication-Induced Major or Mild Neurocognitive Disorder Diagnostic Criteria A. The neurocognitive impairments do not occur exclusively during the course of a delir ium and persist beyond the usual duration of intoxication and acute withdrawal. The involved substance or medication and duration and extent of use are capable of producing the neurocognitive impairment. The temporal course of the neurocognitive deficits is consistent with the timing of sub stance or medication use and abstinence. The neurocognitive disorder is not attributable to another medical condition or is not better explained by another mental disorder. If a mild substance use disorder is comorbid with the sub stance-induced neurocognitive disorder, the 4th position character is "1 and the clinician should record "mild [substance] use disorder" before the substance-induced neurocognitive disorder. If a moderate or severe substance use disorder is comorbid with the substanceinduced neurocognitive disorder, the 4th position character is "2," and the clinician should record "moderate [substance] use disorder" or "severe [substance] use disorder," depending on the severity of the comorbid substance use disorder. If there is no comorbid substance use disorder, then the 4th position character is "9," and the clinician should record only the substance-induced neurocognitive disorder. The name of the substance/medication-induced neurocognitive disorder be gins with the specific substance/medication. For substances that do not fit into any of the classes, the code for "other substance" should be used; and in cases in which a substance is judged to be an etiological factor but the specific class of substance is unknown, the cat egory "unknown substance" should be used. For example, in the case of persistent amnestic-confabulatory symptoms in a man with a severe alcohol use disorder, the diagnosis is 291. If the substance/medi cation-induced neurocognitive disorder occurs without a comorbid substance use disorder. The name of the substance/medication-induced neurocognitive disorder begins with the specific substance. For substances that do not fit into any of the classes, the code for "other sub stance" should be used; and in cases in which a substance is judged to be an etiological fac tor but the specific class of substance is unknown, the category "unknown substance" should be used. When recording the name of the disorder, the comorbid substance use disorder (if any) is listed first, followed by the word "with," followed by the name of the disorder. For example, in the case of persistent amnestic-confabulatory symptoms in a man with a severe alcohol use disorder, the diagnosis is F10.

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Bartone (2006) has expanded this conceptualization and sees individuals high in hardiness as incorporating a strong future orientation arrhythmia quizlet cheap microzide 25mg on line, while at the same time learning from the past prehypertension natural remedies safe 25mg microzide, and possessing a sense of humor blood pressure monitor reviews buy microzide 25mg on-line. Hardiness is traditionally thought of as a trait and sometimes referred to blood pressure chart by who order microzide with a mastercard as "dispositional resilience" (Bartone 2006), reflecting a generalized tendency to display resilient responses. Dolan and Alder (2006) view hardiness as a trait marker for resilience within the military. However, hardiness may also be somewhat amenable to influence through leadership in organizations and training (Bartone and Hystad 2010). That is, hardiness has been shown to increase with more effective leadership within the organization (see. Studies have found that hardiness does play a role in keeping people healthy under stress. More recently high hardiness (with a balanced profile) has been linked to more moderate and healthy immune and neuroendocrine responses to stress (Sandvik et al. Hardiness has been shown to be particularly protective with regard to the effects of military-related stressors on psychological health outcomes and performance under stressful circumstances. Bartone (1999) found that hardiness moderated the effects of combat exposure on subsequent psychological well-being in U. Hardiness has also been shown to be negatively related to posttraumatic stress in studies of Vietnam veterans (King et al. Hardiness has been found to be a predictor of success in rigorous selection programs including those for U. Behavioral reactions to emotions are more physical in nature, however, and include acts of avoidance or attack. As we venture forth into the isolation, confinement and extremes of long-term exploration, a better understanding of the biological basis of social support provides important insights and potential strategies to help strengthen the social bonds that serve adaptive functions and develop countermeasures to sustain those bonds during the long mission and with reintegration upon their return. Sleep and the Circadian Rhythm While it is difficult to predict who will or will not develop depression, sleep disruption is one early warning sign. Sleep disturbances are common diagnostic criteria for many psychiatric disorders (Colton and Altevogt 2006). Insomnia is both a risk factor for and a manifestation of major depression (Livingston et al. Research indicates that 15% to 20% of individuals who are diagnosed with insomnia also suffer from major depression (Ford and Kamerow 1989; Breslau et al. The circadian rhythm of the human body is linked to patterns of biological activities such as brain wave activity, hormone production, and cell regeneration. During the Russian Soyuz program, sleep schedules were occasionally set counter to the local time of the launch site. A recent well-controlled randomized cross-over study of 70 submariners demonstrated that humans can live in an isolated environment for more than two months by following an organized regular shift with controlled light and temperature, and social isolation (to avoid external cues)(Trousselard et al. In a study designed to assess how human performance and sleep were affected while adhering to a Martian sol schedule for 37 days, they found improvements in subjective (but not objective measures) reports of sleep and alertness with no apparent cognitive decline (Griofa et al. This research, while preliminary, offers intriguing findings that help us better understand the potential impact of light/dark cycles and opportunity to exercise some control over them in a long-duration journey to Mars. The reasons for reduced sleep in space are varied and range from temperature, noise, carbon dioxide levels, voids, rumination, high tempo workload, to possibility that microgravity affects sleep architecture via fluid shifts. Such schedule changes force critical mission operations to occur against the natural circadian rhythm of the body.

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