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By: S. Muntasir, M.A., M.D., M.P.H.

Associate Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Questionnaires or survey forms will be needed for case investigations gastritis diet zaiqa buy 10mg maxolon amex, contact investigations gastritis diet 411 cheap 10mg maxolon mastercard, epidemiologic studies and symptom monitoring gastritis hernia order maxolon 10 mg with visa. Questionnaires and surveys can be administered via the telephone gastritis weight gain order cheap maxolon on line, in-person, or through a computer, depending on the population being targeted (cognitive skills, education level, access to a telephone or computer, etc) and available resources. Please note: many online tools have been created to help users create web-based surveys quickly and easily. Many of these cannot be used when collecting health information, because privacy of information cannot be ensured. See Appendix I for case and contact investigation and management forms and protocols. See the Annexes for information on specific investigation strategies as they relate to respiratory aerosol transmissible diseases, bioterrorism events, biological agent detections in the environment and waterborne events. The Investigation Group Supervisor will receive situational information from the Epidemiology and Surveillance Branch Director, including but not limited to, person, time, place, disease information, severity of illness (hospitalization and mortality), need for laboratory confirmation of diagnosis, and mode of transmission - particularly whether the disease is transmitted from person-to-person. The Investigation Group will work with the Surveillance Group and Data Branch to develop the investigation strategy and forms, surveys, and questionnaires required for investigation. To test a hypothesis about possible exposures: · Conduct an analytic study to identify the source or vehicle of the pathogen to control or eliminate the source of disease to prevent further primary cases. Feasibility depends on the persistence of the pathogen in the environment and the suspected setting/source. It may be useful to define the population at risk from the initial point source exposure. Functions of Investigation Group · Determine the scope of investigation activities and which teams and units should be activated or deactivated. Receive information from the Investigation Group Supervisor regarding the event, investigation strategy, and cases to interview. During the emergency response potential cases may be provided by the following modules (if activated): · the Surveillance Group may identify cases as they receive provider reports. Interview cases and fill out any forms, surveys, or questionnaires provided by the Investigation Group Supervisor or the Case Investigation Team Leader. If potential contacts are identified during the investigation, forward information to the Contact Investigation Team. If cases work in sensitive occupations or work/live in sensitive situations, forward information to the Restriction, Exclusion, and Clearance Group. If cases should be isolated, forward information to the Isolation & Quarantine Group. Contact Investigation Team the Contact Investigation Team will be activated when: 1. The main objective is to identify and locate persons who may have been exposed to a case, which may result in monitoring for evidence of illness or referral for treatment or prophylaxis. Contact investigation activities include locating, notifying, and interviewing contacts and symptom monitoring (active and/or passive). When Contact Investigation is a Priority · There are low numbers of cases, or Controlling the spread of novel. Ring vaccination controls an outbreak by vaccinating and monitoring a ring of people around each infected individual ­ used in the past to control smallpox outbreaks). When Contact Investigation is Not a Priority · the prevalence of infection in the population is high. Consider o Prioritizing contacts to be investigated and monitored, or o Contacting investigation a secondary activity, or Cases are infectious before they become symptomatic.


  • Some fungal infections (even more rare)
  • Tumor or cancer in the bone, muscle, or soft tissue
  • Incoherence (not understandable)
  • Heart problems
  • Other symptoms accompany the appearance of widely spaced teeth
  • Pain medications
  • Another thin, insulated wire called an extension that connects the lead to the neurostimulator
  • Frequent or urgent need to urinate
  • Certain anesthetics
  • Muscle weakness

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This is not the situation of mixed race peoples who have deep (even if complex and problematic) ties to gastritis diet vanilla cheap maxolon 10mg specific communities: to gastritis honey 10mg maxolon overnight delivery be a free-floating unbound variable is not the same as being multiply categorized gastritis diet 14 cheap 10mg maxolon with amex, or ostracized gastritis symptoms palpitations cheap maxolon 10 mg with amex, by specific racial communities. And what this suggests is that a simplistic promotion of fluidity will not suffice. I am concerned with the way in which a refusal of identity might be useful for the purposes of the current global market. The project of global capitalism is to transform the whole world into postcolonial consumers and producers of goods in an acultural world commodity market, a Benetton-like vision in which the only visible differences are those that can be commodified and sold. Somewhere between that vision and the vision of a purist identity construction that requires intermittent ethnic cleansing we must develop another option, an alternative that can offer a normative reconstruction of raced identity applicable to mixed race peoples. A Mestizo Race the offspring of so-called interracial relationships have not been accorded a distinctive identity [in the United States], either socially or 278 Latino/a Particularity officially, an identity in which the quality of being mixed is vested, embodied, or otherwise given real meaning. My hairdresser In this final section I want to consider how we might best understand and come to terms with mixed race identity both metaphysically and politically. One possible solution to the problem with identity that mixed race people have is to propound a racial eliminativism-on the assumption that doing away with race will do away with the problems of mixed race. In fact, she argues that there are irresolvable problems with the belief in race, and that mixed race concepts, far from subverting racial purity, simply reenforce race (1993). However, as I argued in chapter 7, it seems clear that, within the context of racially based and organized systems of oppression, race will continue to be a salient internal and external component of identity. Systems of oppression, segregated communities, and practices of discrimination create a collective experience and a shared history for a racialized grouping. More than any physiological or morphological features, it is that shared experience and history that cements the community and creates connections with others along racial lines, although morphological features that are given social significance produce a shared experience which is part of what builds identity. And that shared experience and history do not disappear when new scientific accounts dispute the characterization of race as a natural kind (see Zack 1994). Accounts of race as a social and historical identity, which bring in elements that are temporally contingent and mutable, will probably prove to have more persistence than accounts of race that tie it to biology; history will probably have more permanence than biology. Moreover, I would argue that, given current social conditions, any materialist account of the self must take race into account. This is not to deny that generic and universalist concepts of human being are both possible and necessary. Despite my concern expressed in the last section against formulating a universal humanism based on reason, there do exist connections between persons that endure across differences of sexuality, race, culture, even class. Thus, articulating a new nonhierarchical universalist humanism is a politically valuable goal. However, if we restrict a philosophical analysis of identity and subjectivity to only those elements that can be universally applied, our resulting account will be too thin to do much philosophical work. In the concrete everydayness of ``actually existing' human life, the variabilities of racial designation mediates experience in ways we are just beginning to recognize. Mixed race persons are racialized, but the particular form of their racialization has not been accorded a general social recognition, which I would suggest is likely to lead to problems of self-alienation. Many theorists of oppressed identity have described a pattern of self-alienation in which the oppressed person views himself or herself from an imaginary perspective of the dominant. Du Bois and Fanon were perhaps the first to describe On Being Mixed 279 how nonwhite peoples internalize the perspective of white identity. In the Bluest Eye, Toni Morrison dramatically captures this pathology for the young black child who wants blond hair and blue eyes, having internalized a white aesthetic in which only whiteness has value or beauty. Ramos and other philosophers-analysts of colonialism such as Zea and Dussel have suggested that Eurocentric versions of modernism effected a temporal displacement of the ``now' as experienced in countries such as Mexico, so that the ``now' is seen as what is happening in the United States or Europe, whereas the present tense of the Global South has not yet ``caught up.

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Nakra et al (1978) demonstrated that loss of semen was considered positively harmful by patients of Dhat syndrome compared to gastritis symptoms in urdu purchase maxolon 10mg patients with sexual dysfunction chronic gastritis surgery discount maxolon 10 mg fast delivery. Behere and Nataraj (1984) studied 50 patients with complaints of Dhat syndrome and described the phenomenology of Dhat syndrome gastritis diet milk discount generic maxolon uk. It was most commonly seen in subjects of younger age (16-25) and from lower socio-economic strata gastritis diet green tea generic maxolon 10 mg line. It was commonly associated with impotency, marked anxiety, general weakness, premature ejaculations and hypochondriasis. Eighty-eight percent of subjects were sure that the whitish discharge in urine was semen and majority of the subjects had masturbatory guilt. Reassurance and sex education were the major interventions and the authors reported that two-third of the subjects had recovered at the end of one year. Singh (1985) in his sample of patients presenting with complaint of Dhat found that 40 % of them fulfilled diagnosis of Dhat syndrome and most of them (80%) had comorbid anxiety and depressive neurosis. Chadda and Ahuja (1990) studied 52 patients presenting with complaint of passage of Dhat in urine. Bhatia et al (2001) examined 48 consecutive male patients of potency disorders, and found that about two-third could be classified as Dhat syndrome with or without impotency and/or premature ejaculation, and only 20. The cases (199) with Dhat syndrome scored maximally on, neuroticism and depression scales. Among the four groups on the basis of type of treatment (anti anxiety drug, antidepressant, placebo, psychotherapy), the best response was seen in those receiving anti-anxiety or anti-depressant drugs while those receiving psychotherapy showed minimal response. Bhatia and Malik (1991) reported that 93 of 144 patients with sexual problems complained of Dhat as a major concern. Forty two percent of cases had diagnosis of Dhat syndrome only and 23 % had Dhat syndrome in combination with sexual dysfunction. Bhatia (1999) studied 60 patients presenting with culture bound syndromes and reported that Dhat syndrome was most common culture bound syndrome (76. Depression was the most common associated psychiatric disorder in subjects with Dhat syndrome. Singh et al (2003) reported a 23-year-old female who attributed her multiple somatic complaints to wetness per vaginum experienced during sexual intercourse. Out of the 464 patients assessed over the period of seven years, only 13 were females. A host of treatment strategies like sex education, relaxation exercises, marital therapy, sex therapy, drugs etc were used for management of the various cases. Rao et al (1995) conducted a comparative study of patients with sexual problems attending Department of Psychiatry at J. There were 100 patients in the teaching hospital and 126 patients in the private clinic for the years 1992-93. This constituted 2% and 5% of the total patients attending the respective clinics. Though not statistically significant, better follow-up was noted in the clinic group. It is a 55-item questionnaire with 35 items on knowledge with dichotomous choice of responses and 20 items on attitudes scorable on 3 point Likert scale. Avasthi & Gupta (2002) prepared a manual for treatment of (200) single males with sexual disorders. In this manual they gave algorithms for assessment of sexual disorders and algorithms for treatment of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, Dhat syndrome and homosexuality. Studies on treatment of sexual dysfunction Non-Pharmacological: Many clinicians have used behavioural treatment strategies to manage sexual dysfunctions and the response rates have been generally good. Agarwal (1970) reported that psychopathology related to impotence was due to culturally held belief and poor intramarital communication.

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Middle and Long Distance Rhythm drills Power drills Speed drills 40­60% 20% 40­20% Same as above moderate volume and intensity gastritis que debo comer buy cheap maxolon 10 mg online. Middle and Long Distance Swing skips High knees Butt kicks Speed hops 2x80m 2x30m 2x30m 3x12 reps Swing skips Rhythm bounds Skip kicks 3x70m 2x50m 2x30m 135 ChapTer 6 Injuries: Prevention and Treatment As a high school coach gastritis zungenbelag purchase maxolon without prescription, you are responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of your athletes gastritis diet x garcinia purchase maxolon 10 mg without prescription. You also must constantly be on the lookout for behaviors indicating any of the many serious health problems teenagers face gastritis vs gerd symptoms order 10 mg maxolon with amex, including substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, and eating disorders. This means taking precautions to prevent injuries, administering emergency first aid, securing prompt professional medical assistance, and recommending subsequent professional medical treatment or physical therapy. To fulfill this obligation to your athletes you must be able to do the following: · Recognizecommoninjuries · Knowyourresponsibilityforthemanagementofaninjury · Provideimmediate,emergencycare the following is a list of 10 questions that you should be able to answer without hesitation. These questions will also assist you in developing a plan to handle a medical emergency situation should one occur. If the phone is in a locked room, do you have a key or know where to get one quickly? The Most Common Injuries the multi-event nature of track and field poses a particular challenge to a coach trying to prevent and treat athletic injuries because each event presents its own unique problems. Heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke must be identified and treated quickly and appropriately. This rise in body temperature causes increased sweating and blood flow to the skin. Heat is dissipated by the evaporation of sweat from the skin to the cooler surrounding of the air. When the rate at which heat is produced equals the rate at which it evaporates from the body, the body temperature plateaus at that elevated level when the athlete continues to exercise. Trouble begins, however, when the body produces more heat than can be dissipated, causing the body temperature to rise to potentially dangerous levels. Heat Cramps Prolonged heavy sweating and inadequate fluid replacement in hot weather may cause muscle twitching, cramps and spasms in the legs or arms. Immediate treatment is to remove the athlete from the source of heat by placing him or her in a cool, shaded place to rest ­ then replace water and electrolytes. Immediate treatment is to move the athlete to a shaded area, elevate the feet, place cold towels or ice around the neck, head and abdomen, administer fluids as tolerated, and refer to a doctor. Symptoms of heatstroke are a lack of perspiration, hot and dry skin, body temperature elevated to greater than 105-degrees, chills, irrational behavior, involuntary limb movements, seizures, cyanosis (bluish color of the skin), vomiting. While waiting for an ambulance, move the athlete to a shaded area, remove clothing and keep the skin moist, place ice on the head and neck. Most athletes will acclimatize within 5 to 15 days of training in hot, humid weather conditions. An example of an acute injury would be a long jumper landing with his ankle inverted (turned inward). Each small trauma on its own is not enough to cause an injury; however, the sum total effect results in an injury. Sprains are caused by an overextension of the normal range of motion for that particular joint. The most common cause of ankle sprain is inversion (turning the sole of the foot inward and damaging the ligaments on the outside of the ankle).

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